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Lemurian Starchild Shop

Lemurian Starchild Shop

3-card Healing Attunement, 33 minutes

3-card Healing Attunement, 33 minutes

- Triple Dolphin Layout

- Pleiadian Energies

- Specific questions possible beforehand (fill in during shop checkout process)

- Recorded Video sent to you

- Facilitator: Michiel


Pleiadian beings of light would like to connect to you because you are a conduit for Divine Energy. They are loving beings from the Pleiades Star System who have always assisted with humanity's spiritual evolution, with a big role in the co-creation of Lemuria.


For this attunement Michiel will draw three cards for you using the Triple Dolphin Layout, and record this on video. These cards give insight in the energies coming in for your spiritual expansion, guidance for your emotional healing process and gentle support to share your message of light on Earth.


This attunement is about being a messenger for the Pleiadian Energy, higher frequencies for the healing of humanity. Everyone who connects to the Pleiadians becomes part of a network of such Pleiadian messengers. This attunement establishes or deepens this beautiful connection to co-create the New Earth.


We use the Lemurian Starchild Oracle which is designed to support your unique crystalline embodiment and expression, on our beautiful Ascending Earth. Michiel will sit in sacred space to bring through this attunement, using the cards for guidance and clarification. You may ask specific questions if you wish so. If there are none I will simply ask energies and messages for your highest good to come through. 


With each card that Michiel draws for you, he allows beautiful words and codes in Light Language to come through. The guidance does not tell you what to do but instead helps you to connect with your own heart so that you can easily find answers within.


Please see Michiel's website an example of the feedback he has received.

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