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7-card Healing Attunement, 90 minutes session

7-card Healing Attunement, 90 minutes session

7-card Healing Attunement, 90 minutes session

- Lemurian Starchild Layout
- Energies from Archangel Michael and Pleiadian beings of Light
- Facilitator: Michiel
- Questions possible during the session
- Video Call on Skype or Zoom OR in person in Glastonbury, UK

- duration: 90 minutes

This session facilitates awakening on all level: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The light codes awaken our DNA and help us connect to the crystalline core of the Earth, so that we truly feel at home on this planet. The spiritual energy also supports us in healing our emotional wound because of the peace that we feel when we receive these energies, and mentally it helps us to gain clarity about who we are.

Archangel Michael will be our main guide for this session. The gentle guidance and healing invite you to relax and to find comfort in whatever you are going through at this time. When you feel the angelic energy close to you, you naturally start to let go of energies that you no longer need. You receive a beautiful and light energy from the Angels.

Depending on where you are on your path, Pleiadian beings of light might also come in to share their light codes, as well as Sanada, a guide of the Christ Consciousness. The specific energies that are important to you will come through naturally when Michiel opens his energy channel.

This healing session is tailored to your spiritual path and potential. Using the Lemurian Starchild Layout for clarification, Michiel brings through Guidance and Sounds Healing to raise your vibration and allow healing and integration.

Please see Michiel's website for more information and channeled messages

    € 88,00Prijs
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