"Stem af op hogere wil. om in de liefdesstroom te verblijven."

Over de Lemurisch Sterrenkind Gidskaarten.

"De brug naar een dieper ontwaken van het Hart is gecodeerd in de tekst en de afbeeldingen"

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Lieve vrienden, bij deze website die we gemaakt hebben als introductie voor de Lemurisch Sterrenkind Gidskaarten. Deze set is nu al in het Engels beschikbaar, en zal medio 2020 ook in het Nederlands gepubliceerd worden.


Ik ben zeer te spreken over deze ongelooflijk mooie kaarten. In de korte tijd dat ik ze heb, voel ik al een diepe transformatie en een bekrachtiging in mijn connectie met Sirius, mijn hogere zelf, Lemurië, de regenboogbrug en de dolfijnen.

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Jessica Amala

  Geweldige activaties, één van mijn favoriete kaartensets.


Het is etherisch op een manier die je niet in woorden kunt vatten. De kaarten, doos en boek zijn erg goed gemaakt. Een heel speciale ervaring.


Een tijdje terug zocht ik naar nieuwe informatie over Lemurië. Ik vroeg me af waarom nog niemand orakelkaarten had gecreëerd om deze geweldige energie naar buiten te brengen. En daar was het, iemand was op het idee gekomen. Ik voelde me meteen vol van vreugde en was geïntrigeerd.

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Theseus R.

Ik ben erg onder de indruk en zeer dankbaar voor deze ervaring. Hier vanuit raad ik je aan dit als een bevestiging te zien als jdeze kaarten je aanspreken en je overweegt ze aan te schaffen. 

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Gemma Nelson

Ik ben zo blij, gezegend en dankbaar dat ik deze prachtige kaarten heb gevonden. Ik zocht naar iets nieuws & deze zijn zo mooi geïllustreerd, ongelooflijk gedetailleerd, en het boek zit vol wijsheid.

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Vicky Foster


+ Lichtwerkers, verenigd u in het Hart!

Gegroet, gezegenden! We voelen ons geroepen bijeen te komen te komen in het Hart met ieder die de Lemurische frequentie voelt. Allen die resoneren met de oorspronkelijke creatie, die zich verbinden met lichtbeschavingen zoals Telos en Montserrat, komt samen! Iedereen die deel uitmaakt van het Christuscollectief en Lichtfamilies (Klik om meer te lezen)

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+ Lemurisch Licht Cadeaus! 


+ Deel jouw ervaringen!

I had an impressive experience that I would like to share with you. One night, like five months ago, during sleep I dreamt of a lady with deer horns that was being chased by some group of men and I was trying to help her escape. Some months later I visited Glastonbury and saw your Elen of The Ways's card ! I felt goosebumps because for a moment I thought I was becoming crazy. I purchased it and now I keep it in my night table. I was really intrigued and wanted to know who was that lady with deer horns that I saw on my dream and thanks to you, now I know 

Andrea 12 dagen geleden  Antwoorden      0likes currently 


Love & Light 🙏💜💜💜

Debra één maand geleden  Antwoorden      1likes currently 


It's day 6 of using these cards. I can't express in words how beautiful they are, and the miracles they bring. They completely resonate with me. It was so funny how I came across them last Tuesday. I was passing through Glastonbury for an hour or so and sat outside a cafe with a cuppa. Across the way, a stall with light-filled images caught my eye and I went for a browse. I was amazed to see 'Lemurian Starchild Oracle,' as I had just been chatting about Lemurian healing (which I am a teacher of) that morning. I bought myself the deck and since doing so I have used them each day. The cards have an energy that is multidimensional and benefits on many levels - the images, the words and the generous and thorough information for each one in the book that is included with the deck. I am sure this fantastic healing tool will reach far and wide. Well done and heartfelt thanks, Leanne and Michiel, to say you are a gift is an understatement. In the Lemurian language of light, I speak my gratitude.

Susan Browne, Angel EFT 2 maanden geleden  Antwoorden      1likes currently 


Thank you, Susan! It was really nice to meet you on the market, and that you have been working with the energies of our deck. Thank you for your appreciation of our work. We hope to keep in touch, and to connect in on the Lemurian Healing Day. 

Michiel Kroon één maand geleden    


I saw your cards in Glastonbury the first week of August. I am extremely impressed with the individual guidance of each card.  Exceptional!

sacredsoulinspiration 2 maanden geleden  Antwoorden      2likes currently 


Namaste! 💗 I have been looking for this kind of oracle (light instrument) really long time! For me here was important it's connection with Lemuria, starseed memories and light language themes.

When I saw this oracle at first time on Kickstarter I immediately was interested in it. The name of oracle was very magnetic to me. Later I found out that it comes with nice book (around 300 pages 😱). And only at the end I started to check the art on portals (cards). Well some of portals meant to me nothing much, but some resonated with me very strongly.

The oracle is wide (88 portals) and at first better would be to learn it's structure before dive into it. 
I like that the authors themselves are deep in the Lemurian theme and I can even feel their heart invested in their work. I already know that this oracle will work very well with my light mandalas practice!

@starseeddream 2 maanden geleden  Antwoorden      2likes currently 


I ordered your deck a few days ago. Just wanted to say that I'm totally blown away by it, so much so that I felt I had to buy another for a friend of mine after buying mine. It is so powerful, resonates at such deep level. Everything I have done with it so far has been incredible. I LOVE your artwork, words, the energy it carries and transmits, the layout, how it works multidimensionally, how much you have invested in the book that supports the cards, it is so comprehensive and powerful, everything about it is spot on. Well done to you both and I'm sure it will be a resounding success. Thank you thank you thank you. It truly is the best oracle deck for the New Earth. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏️️️️

Terre Andromeda 2 maanden geleden  Antwoorden      2likes currently 


I pre ordered my deck, I’m over the moon with them, I ️ Everything about them, I’m so pleased I travelled down to Glastonbury to Leanne & Michel gallery as wow the art work paintings were absolutely stunning in real life , I managed to get the one I wanted that I’d seen on fb live tour of gallery, they r such a lovely, kind , talented, & creative couple that deserve everything positive coming there way , wishing u Leanne a speedy healing recovery, thanks again, lots of love to u both xx

Vicky 3 maanden geleden  Antwoorden      2likes currently 


Yeyy!!! 🤗💖🌟🤩, so happy I received my copy yesterday, it looks wonderful, every card is absolutely magical, ... I loved the  messages , the art works, the energies & that golden edge of the cards,, ✨💫🌟️..
Having the deck welcomed in my space & activated with my little Aqua Lemeurian Andara crystal & my Lemeurian wands crystals,, & of course some white sage incense,,, can’t wait to start my readings with them,,, thank you Leanne Blessed Journeys and Michiel Kroon for this beautiful and magical gift 💝 that reflects well your love 💗 and your heart devotion to what you do .. 
much love to both of you ,, and many many blessings 🙏🙏✨💫🐬🐋🐳💎🌟

Lamiyah Sayari 3 maanden geleden  Antwoorden      2likes currently 


Bliss! That is my word for how I am feeling as I dive into this glorious artwork and messages contained on the Lemurian Starchild Oracle Cards! I received #13 of the first set release.  I have attached photos of my first drawing for myself. Two cards fell out first: the Nurture card and then the Blessings Card. I drew Emergence (I just love it!) and Resolution.
All are lovely art and empowering messages. So very grateful Leanne Blessed Journeys and Michiel Kroon.

Maureen Moore 3 maanden geleden  Antwoorden      1likes currently 


I work with this card deck first a prototype Leanne and Michiel gave to me for my twinflame readings on you tube. They upgraded the readings immediately. All the codes and transmissions gave an enormous transformation to my self and my viewers. Never have seen such a beautiful deck in a long time. So gratefull for having these cards out in the world and being part of the journey and birth of these cards. Also I ordered some card prints on canvas to anchor the energies in my house.
Thank you Leane and Michiel for being in my life love you

Jackie Platteel 3 maanden geleden  Antwoorden      2likes currently 


'Weet dat je de liefdevolle steun hebt van je Lichtfamilie van de Pleiaden en Lemurië; laat hen bij je komen nu in het Kosmische Hart van eenheid, terwijl jouw reis voortgaat op de Nieuwe Aarde."

Leanne Carpenter en Michiel Kroon

Light Language Messages is Nederlands Handelsnaam, (KvK 71466282)

Verzekerd voor Meditatie, Sound Healing, Channeling and Mentorschap

Michiel Kroon

Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

Glastonbury, England, United Kingdom